Team Rankings

Team Name Affiliation Rating Country Size
1st RPISEC None 14901 4
2nd PPP None 13823 4
3rd Perfect Blue None 13201 6
4th TechSec None 12745 4
5th Northern Coalition None 12378 4
6th dcua None 12065 5
7th ALLES! None 11789 4
8th InfoSecIITR None 11539 4
9th greunion None 11310 4
10th STT None 11097 4
11th FluxFingers None 10896 4
12th spritzers None 10706 4
13th TRX None 10523 4
14th LosFuzzys None 10348 4
15th Tower of Hanoi None 10178 4
16th ByteBandits None 10012 4
17th DCIETS None 9851 4
18th Sice Squad None 9692 4
19th d4rkc0de None 9536 4
20th Scrypter None 9382 4
21st NULLKrypt3rs None 9228 4
22nd Dreadsec_iiita None 9076 3
23rd Mad H@tters None 8924 4
24th bi0s None 8772 4
25th noxale None 8618 4
26th NOPS None 8464 4
27th UMBC Cyber Dawgs None 8308 4
28th babyr00t None 8149 5
29th 0xaa55 None 7988 3
30th noxFort None 7822 4
31st DEADSEC None 7652 1
32nd EmpireCTF None 7477 4
33rd Mayas None 7294 4
34th Anoxia None 7104 4
35th DC21321 None 6903 4
36th pwnhack None 6690 4
37th eavesdroppers None 6461 4
38th jhandu None 6211 1
39th Noobs in the Hood None 5935 3
40th MISTIForce None 5622 4
41st Haifa None 5255 1
42nd Beta_securiteam None 4799 1
43rd 3s1M105 43V3R None 4177 4
44th XOR None 3099 3
45th Kernel Sanders University of Florida None 1
46th F3c Wpi None 1
47th The Assemblers Magshimim None 1
48th Meeseeks Yes None 1
49th NYUSEC OSIRIS Lab None 8
50th ssplayer a None 1
51st A MEOW NA None 1
52nd Team1 - None 1
53rd Shellrippers University of Saskatchewan Cyber Security Team None 1
54th HackerBoiis blah None 1
55th MEOW Newark Academy None 3
56th Team-1 - None 1
57th World_Rebels BYUH None 1
58th tfbern school None 1
59th one_man_sqrtrev None 1
60th TeamA ISR None 1
61st Zodillar CUHK None 4
62nd S14h1m_m O_o None 1
63rd h4xi0n Professionals None 5
64th None 1
65th testjhjhhh CU None 1
66th cRUcible IceCTF None 1
67th ijxyzhythts University Teknologi Malysia None 1
68th RSA@420 IIIT Hyderabad None 1
69th r3t4rds Indian Institute of Technology (BHU),Varanasi None 1
70th Engenders none None 1
71st mikoan none None 1
72nd flagless ../../../etc/passwd None 3
73rd n3mo 123123 None 1
74th PTIT.l0ng_time_n0_see PTIT None 1
75th Wani Hackase Osaka University None 9
76th BUSEC Boston University None 1
77th MoonPrismPower russian None 1
78th A Single Project Teh None 1
79th CyberLithuania Multiple Highschools None 1
80th SleeperCell SleeperCell None 1
81st mar jhh None 1
82nd TheManyHatsClub TheManyHatsClub None 1
83rd n00bboy student None 1
84th NightByte NY None 1
85th t3rm1n4l 1lln355 Bal Bharati Public Schoo, GRH Marg None 1
86th 4_l0ne None None 1
87th kiss_my_ascii N0N None 3
88th dm0n babyr00t None 1
89th PharaohS V01D Cyber Sec None 3
90th xxx_flag. Taipei None 1
91st $ig^^a P! Worcester Polytechnic Institute None 4
92nd JCTF JCT None 1
93rd indianXI indian None 1
94th mka fd None 1
95th ωhατεvεr None None 2
96th brkninjas 1337 None 1
97th 90n20 S3c Individual None 1
98th 1337mxgang 1337 None 1
99th TheNullPointers wpi None 4
100th Supernova Israel None 1
101st gcmcc George C. Marshall HS None 1
102nd Knight_hawks Institute Of Science and technology None 1
103rd ReUTD None 1
104th krazyfingerz krazyfingerz None 1
105th alberta1 edmonton None 1
106th phisherman's friend Norwegian University of Science and Technology None 1
107th MemeTeme PVPHS None 1
108th not-goin-back None None 1
109th Team_1 None None 1
110th P@Ge2mE CPE None 1
111th ISITDTU CTF Team from Duy Tan University None 1
112th Hot Coral Monzo Bank None 2
113th 2B1Y TJHSST None 3
114th yasahiro tunisia None 1
115th SecStu SG None 1
116th NinjaTeam 0 None 1
117th jgraham20 None None 1
118th s0lo pasten None 1
119th DeadDestroyers Self None 1
120th repnz Israel None 1
121st Mohack Mohawk College None 1
122nd 3N!GM∀ IIIT Allahabad None 3
123rd V3N0M ASAS None 1
124th Indian Institute of Pwning Unaffiliated Closed Team None 1
125th M1n3cr4ft FPT None 1
126th Black@Knights Lel None 2
127th N3Bu1a LNMIIT None 2
128th s3cr3t_uin UIN JAKARTA None 1
129th Defic csi None 1
130th P-star no None 1
131st Noobs None None 2
132nd qqq h None 1
133rd FastSheepper Beijing None 1
134th zed None None 1
135th Brucel33t None None 1
136th Nex UQAM None 2
137th Crogiuolo None None 1
138th Gaurav Sehrawat D None 1
139th SAP SAP None 1
140th The Archduke Worcester Polytechnic Institute None 2
141st SOTC SOTC None 7
142nd smshrimant India None 1
143rd password Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad None 2
144th bolgia4 p0tat0z None 1
145th SpaceRace N/A None 1
146th MrHunt3r Hunting None 1
147th ekstrarh Student None 1
148th gigglemugs Tezpur University None 1
149th Print("Hello World!") UoA None 1
150th happydog zh None 1
151st Maple Bacon University of British Columbia None 1
152nd G_4_bb_4_r Lovely Professional University None 1
153rd MKO Israel None 1
154th SndavTeam a None 1
155th Vulner asd None 4
156th Me, Myself and I UiO None 1
157th SumeriosTeam IES Fernando Aguilar Quignon None 1
158th testers Test None 1
159th Nyx Independent None 1
160th Me, Myself and I+1 UiO None 1
161st absu 1 None 1
162nd SDSLabs IIT Roorkee None 1
163rd Team@Isaac Team None 1
164th TempVars University of Maryland None 4
165th omeriko9team none None 1
166th iwnlToday VIT None 1
167th Knightsec Hack@UCF None 8
168th Cuda Cyber None 1
169th d4rkr00t N/A None 1
170th Hackem Hackem Cybersecurity Research Group None 1
171st 4C4B 4C4B None 1
172nd B Team Trolls None 2
173rd AAaaaa aaa None 1
174th minman Puducherry None 1
175th kevinwang ssf None 1
176th Sockdolagers BUET None 1
177th n00b n/a None 1
178th Hunters404 Hunters None 1
179th TchoupaTeam Univerty of Lille None 1
180th .EXE PBSC, Hackmiami None 1
181st TeamLux Israel None 2
182nd Sumerios . None 1
183rd 4katsuk1 MUST-SICT None 1
184th 50ShadesOfRay Yes None 1
185th BUr0X Boston University None 9
186th Wolf Tamil Nadu None 1
187th B1g P30pl3 N/A None 4
188th R3d $trik3 Pro None 1
189th VDO . None 2
190th saarsec Saarland University None 1
191st Fogle me None 1
192nd Still None None 1
193rd TamirZ a None 1
194th Viroots Ho Chi Minh City University of Science None 1
195th 0x0titan Union HS None 1
196th T3kB0ts tek None 2
197th AS53S Wix None 4
198th Eternityplay Pta nahi None 1
199th axelwild EST None 1
200th husky.png MSJHS None 2
201st The_Avengers india None 1
202nd Bhai_log .. None 1
203rd Imperium CTFTime None 2
204th greyhats UW Bothell None 1
205th Th3Wh1t3Kn1ght5 Magshimim None 1
206th Solace Indian None 1
207th Wunderleth Wunderleth None 3
208th DISC Deakin University None 1
209th brand new team tech None 1
210th Nayos N/A None 1
211th Ping-Pwn3d None None 0
212th Kuality Korea Univ. None 2
213th fishy fish fish generosity None 2
214th L3G1ON_Of_DooM 1337 None 1
215th r00ts No Affiliation None 1
216th PatanjaliHax None None 4
217th TESTV None 1
218th rethis aa None 1
219th 0x90r00t 0x90r00t None 1
220th alright Montgomery Blair High School None 1
221st White19 xx None 1
222nd WoSECParis WoSECParis None 3
223rd Team Potato Israeli None 1
224th hxh None None 0
225th xradius Herriman High School None 2
226th myteam anon None 1
227th pewpewpew TS None 2
228th ookamisama Independence None 1
229th BlueHat None None 2
230th DAGYCTF0x1 Danderyds gymnasium None 2
231st ARMYSQTT None 1
232nd S.H.I.E.L.D NONE None 1
233rd @cyber_k Rooters None 1
234th Xorbit Xorbit None 1
235th bitcow1 f None 1
236th cowosity Multiple High Schools None 1
237th Edith india None 1
238th testteam123 testing None 1
239th Ynov Ynov None 2
240th Spirafy CHS None 1
241st S3lf none None 1
242nd th3jackers None None 0
243rd OrderofShadows Georgia State University None 2
244th kisanak bogor None 1
245th Sababa Truly Kryptic None 2
246th Z1R1G8Z1 UNED None 1
247th Kohinoor Students None 1
248th ByteFuzz ByteFuzz None 1
249th fargate ITMO University None 2
250th BitWornHats Shipping still in progress None 1
251st Maccabim None None 0
252nd Defenit Defenit None 10
253rd bros bro None 1
254th xNoBody xNoBody None 1
255th Electro_Coders GGSIPU None 1
256th NF404 1 None 1
257th br0ken_ Mexico City None 1
258th LHAUrdCTF hau None 3
259th GhostyMan none None 1
260th valar morghulis none None 1
261st BinaryKids bussiness and technology university None 1
262nd efwm none None 1
263rd ...___... Affiliation None 1
264th CyberSEALS Academic None 1
265th DED DD None 1
266th <PretentiousTeamName> None None 1
267th dohki KAIST None 1
268th qw3709 e None 1
269th cyber god None 2
270th avengers affiliation None 1
271st team dsadsa None 1
272nd Y33 N/A None 1
273rd robotboy personal None 1
274th BJJ BJJ None 1
275th DeleteHumanity DeleteHumanity None 1
276th JBBHG ? None 1
277th Anonim Lor None 1
278th Team Forever Alone Creation None 1
279th The Knights of the Roundtable Alliance Academy for Innovation None 1
280th Snagglepuss Cyber Sec None 1
281st madrobot . None 1
282nd DarkArmy Fyu6du None 1
283rd squad217 N/A None 1
284th dhshbdbe none None 1
285th headStart DE None 1
286th N3wbi3_Kor d None 1
287th CyberKill IIIT Allahabad None 4
288th VAPORSEC デフコン858 None 1
289th Yat 010 None 1
290th chi N/A None 1
291st lobnews A None 1
292nd Shallow-Fried Soy Winter Vegetables Poolesville High School None 1
293rd S1ngl3Us3r test None 1
294th CanofSoup - None 1
295th Sumeru CTF Team Sumeru Software Solutions Pvt Ltd None 1
296th xhunters Student None 1
297th The Beck Bunch School None 3
298th Kookers Seoul None 1
299th J3ff +66875034045 None 1
300th monoliths xyz None 1
301st IrishBunnies The University of Texas at El Paso None 1
302nd fantasy 123 None 1
303rd Me and thee boys Internet None 1
304th IndoXploit Universitas Jember None 1
305th MONKEY None None 0
306th userenc userenc None 3
307th <EJ4> UTM None 1
308th nanado na None 1
309th InfoSecADCET ADCET, Ashta None 1
310th creativecodes Creativecodes None 1
311th st0x21 None None 1
312th ozsote University Teknologi Malysia None 1
313th hanto none None 1
314th badb0ykab1tch None 1
315th B&C B&C None 1
316th uncle3bd0 mmm None 1
317th E-Toolz None 1
318th Delta O WCHS None 1
319th ysblack 山东科技职业学院 None 1
320th hello National ChengKung University None 1
321st NUNULLLL CUIT None 1
322nd lucifer gujarat None 1
323rd DERBY 12 None 1
324th menu Ekat None 1
325th LoD DT None 1
326th Me_Alone Ma None 1
327th Les coquelicots oui None 1
328th Primo Primo None 1
329th Cyber Weapons Factory Cyber Weapons Factory None 1
330th rookie ntnu None 1
331st Synch None None 1
332nd VirtualBit Virtual KOSEN None 1
333rd dontjar National University of Singapore None 1
334th BDO BDO None 3
335th the_shy hello None 1
336th KUDoS Kyoto University ,etc. None 4
337th CafeLaTeX Student None 1
338th 66 s None 1
339th mofa28 Affiliation None 1
340th canyou trường đại học bách khoa hà nội None 1
341st C0Br@ The C0Br@ Corporation None 1
342nd SQQTt ád None 1
343rd Black Bulls Noob None 2
344th Indian Cyber Military kingkaran977 None 1
345th petite_byte petite_byte None 1
346th Heaven_Hellpline Scybre - AeBuma LLC None 4
347th 0xc0ff33 0xc0ff33 None 1
348th pwnthanasia LOLKEK None 1
349th PCCTF xxx None 1
350th MhackGyver Squad None 1
351st Struct DK None 1
352nd w w None 1
353rd il41337 Affiliation None 1
354th FlagHunters HackMadrid %27 None 1
355th Revolution revolution None 1
356th boop2root a None 1
357th zihgggo qsddqs None 1
358th dianchia Sunway University None 1
359th Password Inspection Agency Password Inspection Agency None 1
360th Samurai MIT None 1
361st sornram9254 sornram9254 None 1
362nd Totoi1234 sfsd None 1
363rd Banana none None 1
364th USCGA Cyber U.S. Coast Guard Academy None 1
365th b0yd None None 1
366th Z' Z' None 1
367th soulIsDaBest Lexington High School None 1
368th pirelli bread None 1
369th IASG Iowa State University None 1
370th h4cks US None 1
371st pqzqaq None None 1
372nd kodeker UoG None 1
373rd OnMyOwn CyberSec None 1
374th Lost in Bytes lostinbytes None 5
375th Boo Leon None 1
376th f0xc4v3r1n None None 1
377th Hackor IIIT HYDERABAD None 1
378th sasazu a None 1
379th Cyber Castors Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico None 11
380th dqq web None 1
381st so_noob Student None 1
382nd Pahad Leads Co. None 1
383rd XiL CEID None 1
384th Titan2 Iowa State None 2
385th BechakhobeIUT :) None 1
386th Hakkespettene NTNU None 4
387th Zemows Industries Zemows Industries None 1
388th ROProbates GB None 1
389th IceBears Iowa State University None 2
390th Panda er moco Arsa None 1
391st Hackedsys AICTCE None 1
392nd k3rnel none None 1
393rd zackpeab kk None 1
394th Spooky Bois The Gym Trash Can None 1
395th Pen Island Vandegrift High School None 1
396th Hacker121212 Sreeved None 4
397th poop poop None 1
398th JungleT3@m None None 1
399th Apache3.0 Nanyang Polytechnic None 3
400th MotorHead NA None 1
401st f0rceK1n * None 1
402nd whatever none None 1
403rd Mozilla Firefox Students None 1
404th ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ None None 1
405th test test None 1
406th 0xSec / None 2
407th Team Lime University of Dayton None 1
408th Banter Newcastle University None 1
409th KorNewbie KorNewbie None 1
410th Reditz Sr. n/a None 1
411th WhyDoDis Student None 1
412th Cyber SA saudi None 1
413th Klashers Netaji Subhas University of Delhi None 1
414th Tortoise TN None 1
415th noob none None 1
416th erena19 1234 None 1
417th 5H3LL 5H3LL None 1
418th sc USC None 1
419th d UCLA None 1
420th bg Bulgaria None 1
421st b3y0nd_1nf1n1ty None None 1
422nd Virtual Raiders Mumbai University None 1
423rd Les Kalaris Ecole Polytechnique None 1
424th Mad Lads High Technology High School None 1
425th MatteoM 42 None 1
426th Nub0x07 IIIT Allahabad None 1
427th Ora Umum Universitas Diponegoro None 1
428th darkstars jntu None 1
429th MAD LADz High Technology High School None 3
430th 0wning None 1
431st akatsuki iiit None 3
432nd OptumShadow Optumshadow None 1
433rd CrashOverriders UMD None 1
434th BombelTeam BombelTeam None 1
435th nullsec F.C.R.I.T. None 1
436th chain33rs nothing None 1
437th fkillrra SCP None 1
438th __101__ None None 1
439th 0pt1x biz None 1
440th GhostRed GhostRed None 1
441st top_4acker STUDENT None 1
442nd HackOrCrack Student None 2
443rd YakinBisa smk None 2
444th NerdHerdAU 1CSR None 1
445th NCSE None None 1
446th Team $!9N team$!9N None 2
447th SSFBTW Sierra College None 1
448th skybulk skybulk None 1
449th UMDCSEC University of Maryland None 1
450th kolam_ikan UGM None 1
451st wtfever wcares None 1
452nd The Additional Payphones The Additional Payphones None 3
453rd _101_ None None 1
454th asciioverflow University of Tulsa None 1
455th Syzygy University of Waterloo None 1
456th jeju Jeju None 1
457th ASDFers self None 1
458th CTFORZ N/A None 1
459th VitaminG Colorado State University None 1
460th Al Capwn India None 3
461st romans nothing None 1
462nd whpw qwerty None 2
463rd LonelyHacking LonelyHacking None 1
464th Cyber Grizzlies BACCC None 2
465th FireShell FireShell Security Team None 1
466th coolpeoplegang SCTCE None 1
467th HackingForSoju HackingForSoju None 4
468th Y2kz Y2kz Corporation © None 1
469th MorningLightMountain MorningLightMountain None 1
470th hackstreetboys PH None 5
471st Ne0Lux-C1Ph3r 3WA None 1
472nd p4snet0 g None 1
473rd ThePacemakers None None 1
474th Chaneira None None 1
475th hynu 591031664 None 1
476th Karmasutra private None 1
477th takisystema takisystema None 1
478th lumineo umm None 1
479th BMaximus None None 1
480th tsalvia n None 1
482nd Reapers of Pwnage None None 1
483rd K Học viện kỹ thuật Mật Mã None 1
484th r00tn3p@! r00tn3p@! None 2
485th 极安中国 极安中国 None 1
486th Rorschach Rio de Janeiro None 1
487th Blueberties FU None 1
488th FullOfNoobs Sir None 1
489th deathcubek no known affilation None 1
490th Redefined Behavior N/A None 1
491st Th3_C4valiers USDB None 1
492nd Crispy KSE None 1
493rd Hermitage Self None 1
494th Vitamin G Colorado State University None 4
495th BloodHound asdfg2 None 1
496th Mascarpwn KLELK None 2
497th ;_; Jaypee Institute Of Information and Technology None 1
498th 0x1 None None 3
499th Spam Indian None 3
500th MeMyselfAndI MeMyselfAndI None 1
501st NorseRage Club None 3
502nd ._. None None 1
503rd Bifflette None 1
504th __T3TR4H3DR0N__ __tetrahedron__ None 1
505th Fl4g_Divin3 None None 1
506th srikavin . None 1
507th pADAwan none None 1
508th Hexion none None 1
509th aN0RM4L team None 1
510th 5vn0H4cK 5vn0H4cK None 1
511th Sqtt28 NhaTrang None 1
512th Bouncy Genome ShellFlag None 1
513th Bread Box MIT None 1
514th Disruption Ansal University None 1
515th RTFM RTFM None 1
516th Abyss syndrome student None 1
517th sebastianpc myself None 1
518th RedPy National Crypto Institute None 1
519th xtreme hack None 1
520th UTM_Hacklab UTM Student None 1
521st HACK !! None 1
522nd TopWing NA None 1
523rd Brains Affiliation None 1
524th CISO CSUSB None 1
525th b01lers Purdue University None 4
526th SQTT KhanhHoa None 1
527th Nitron N/A None 1
528th DV University of Cambridge None 3
529th NOCHANCEFORUS Mission San Jose High School None 1
530th adam personal None 1
531st SQTT01 SQTT None 1
532nd example US None 1
533rd Special Palm Tree self None 1
534th Segfault Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University None 1
535th Los Hackers de Paco Los Hackers de Paco None 2
536th major tom test test None 1
537th in_the_well Affiliation None 1
538th ZigzagTiktakBoommm FPT University None 2
539th r3ssu4ted_Bletchley_Park SSN None 1
540th Ack Cairo None 1
541st dictat0rs.php Wellesley High School None 1
542nd Revenge from Z NEFU None 1
543rd Blue so blue 123 None 1
544th monashctf None None 1
545th fighter Isfahan None 1
546th yll 12 None 1
547th Team SCA Seoul None 1
548th HolyCTF FPT None 1
549th PCCCC Portland Community College None 1
550th Hack Keele Keele University None 1
551st NIS NIS None 1
552nd 晴雯晴雯 no None 1
553rd Balsn National Taiwan University None 1
554th random random None 1
555th Neg9 None None 1
556th Dangling Pointers UNCA None 1
557th Sleepz TJHSST None 1
558th RATF{Rage Against The Flag} none None 1
559th Phish 'n Chips King's College London None 7
560th TO_hackers UTM None 2
561st HackersClub no None 1
562nd posix No Aff None 1
563rd BurpFiction - None 8
564th Code Black Astra None 4
565th jumpthewire utm None 2
566th hahaha hahaha None 1
567th csictf - None 1
568th ForFun\n ???? None 1
569th IKPRIIKN I BSSN None 1
570th ANSHURE utm None 5
571st GiniBaby IDK None 1
572nd Paavam_1337 TKM College of Engineering None 1
573rd DC531 DC531 None 1
574th fr0g-squad None None 1
575th Kassawin utm None 4
576th ender Citizen None 1
577th noar noar None 5
578th None None 1
579th EggHeads Alliance Academy for Innovation None 1
580th SEA Boiz utm None 6
581st dospeed iiita None 1
582nd CYB3R ARC Students None 4
583rd tmp None None 1
584th Egg Heads Alliance Academy for Innovation None 5
585th noobs'Rus utm None 1
586th aaa aaa None 1
587th b4ckd00r b4ckd00r None 1
588th Brain affiliation: This field is required. None 3
589th OxGS University of California, Los Angeles None 1
590th Turtle utm None 1
591st nanocomp / None 1
592nd Pelarian CP ehe ITB None 1
593rd Vault Hacking None 1
594th Resonance Citizen None 4
595th Teufel Hunden USMC None 1
596th OSUSEC Oregon State University None 1
597th nulp Lviv None 1
598th ivani PMF-MO None 2
599th BeaverTails Random None 1
600th NetSniffers utm None 4
601st ntropy The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill None 1
602nd lavie3k A None 1
603rd Stripes Leopard 123 None 1
604th UIT.JustFreshMen University of information technology None 3
605th Anything utm None 3
606th sud0 BadRequests None 1
607th NullLP 1 None 2
608th grayocean grayocean None 1
609th WFTC None None 1
610th Just Me Me None 1
611th Killers Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad None 1
612th ddwdw wdwwwwwww None 1
613th DeadUnderflow LiveOverflow None 1
614th CoscoWaters home None 1
615th A Flock of Joeys Joey None 1
616th Kill3rs Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad None 1
617th vabbb Me None 1
618th Cybur57 National Chung Cheng University None 3
619th BatmansKitchen University of Washington None 16
620th puppler student None 1
621st payload wabbit None 1
622nd Bushwhackers Lomonosov Moscow State University None 2
623rd spectator Student None 1
624th MLML a None 1
625th NiceGUIsFinishLast utm None 4
626th The grey hats Friends None 1
627th winners e None 1
628th hamayanhamayan None None 1
629th L33D0Hyun None None 1
630th BabesGotByte utm None 3
631st None 1
632nd hardcoreit None None 1
633rd Mdy_L33ts Myanmar None 3
634th PororoJoa None None 1
635th mygoodteam None None 1
636th ORZ Member None 1
637th Camonoha Volunteer None 2
638th YEET TF WCHS None 1
639th Srv.l0c4lr00t Indian Cyber Army None 1
640th error: too many attempts Troy High School None 4
641st RCC-Elite Commando's None 1
642nd bad d None 1
643rd hithere what None 1
644th Naver x None 1
645th BeepBoop utm None 3
646th Mehran USA None 1
647th banhMiThitBo Yo momma None 1
648th Jeff Jefffffff None 2
649th clum5y Student None 1
650th 0xFFighters Noone None 1
651st ShellBreaker admin None 1
652nd keksec keksec None 1
653rd madscientists IIIT Hyderabad None 1
654th T3D Mills High School None 3
655th Infra Team Hobbyist None 2
656th c0r3dump CrySyS Lab @ BME None 1
657th $$$ $$$ None 1
658th TeamPowerPrinter CBS None 1
659th 404n0tFound none None 1
660th ESnet ESnet None 1
661st SWINOPS Swinburne University of Technology None 1
662nd BA95 UQAM None 1
663rd zilch ?? None 1
664th Muse_ Muse_ None 1
665th ScripTease ScripTease None 1
666th BA$HERS <script>alert('XSS')</script> None 1
667th Larve University Teknologi Malysia None 1
668th Potato NA None 1
669th Marvels Gujarat Forensic Sciences University None 1
670th OOF ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ utm None 1
671st yomo11 CCU None 1
672nd BungA null None 1
673rd RPCA_Hunter RPCA None 4
674th 13KO QUT None 1
675th OOF utm None 3
676th 0x90 none None 1
677th UnderDogs fr None 1
678th jinotega - None 2
679th t3lo Gadjah Mada University None 2
680th uvuvwevuzela𒐫😎𒐫 utm None 4
681st Forsaken None None 1
682nd s5p3rc0rn4g0 Play for fun None 1
683rd fourth hunter Royal Police Cadet Academy None 3
684th Cyrack University of Madras None 1
685th Lil John saying "Yeah" in Usher's 2004 hit single "Yeah!" (feat. Lil John and Ludacris) University of Toronto None 2
686th Limbu Qwerty None 1
687th xchg - None 1
688th Xiaolin None 1
689th First Hylton HS None 1
690th Space Jam (1996) University of Toronto None 1
691st HackSQUAD SibSUTIS None 1
692nd Conodians 0xD34D None 1
693rd 1MinhC4nTem a None 1
694th shellmates ESI None 5
695th Akarshi, Isha, Anvi utm None 3
696th noobsecret[Tamil] Arunkumars None 4
697th hackers3 fgf None 1
698th CyberS ' or 1=1-- None 7
699th Lions none None 1
700th Hoosierdaddies utm None 5
701st anonymous h None 1
702nd warlock_rootx TN None 1
703rd !skiddies TU None 1
704th Testtt A None 1
705th coma gt None 1
706th Learn Securely ? None 1
707th 024pwn None None 1
708th Qub3icles Qub3icles None 4
709th the mole people Gunn High School None 2
710th Ateam utm None 1
711th n0_pwn1c UFAZ None 4
712th just_wax ? None 1
713th Creepers University None 1
714th Init5 none None 1
715th Fish Game UTM None 2
716th secretnoobs[தமிழ்] Arunkumars None 2
717th Mind_Hurricane none None 1
718th 1337 cY8ER W4rRi0r ninj4 JHDiscord None 2
719th Second High School None 1
720th proto usa None 1
721st Learn_CTF International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad None 3
722nd 씨발 Local Corner Store None 1
723rd israelites israelites None 1
724th PTIT.w3no0b 210317 None 1
725th hackermanz UTM None 3
726th n0nces3c None None 1
727th 白云千载空悠悠 12 None 1
728th meomeo 10000 None 1
729th PIS.w3no0b 210317 None 3
730th PrideFlare Hacking Dream None 1
731st DAY_ZER0 {full_power} None 1
732nd Maximum S None 1
733rd ahihi ad None 1
734th solocat none None 1
735th CruelSun Hacking Dream None 1
736th Gh0stSh3ll IES Rafael Alberti None 5
737th The Lone Hacker UiO None 1
738th hazad s None 1
739th p0rn_s1de HYP None 1
740th omgnoob da None 1
741st DTC DTC None 1
742nd TGC Independent None 1
743rd alipervaiz University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill None 1
744th bluescreen a None 1
745th The greatest troll 🦖 None 1
746th h4ck7u5 Business None 1
747th sokote_bi_payan nothing None 1
748th KoalaC c++ None 1
749th DeMo Student None 1
750th cybermonkeys utm None 2
751st TheZa̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍kMan None 1
752nd Delogrand US Air Force Academy None 2
753rd JustAGoodTime None None 1
754th init 1 gcu None 1
755th muratovm Student None 1
756th oraclegg oracle None 1
757th Random Horse None None 1
758th blue_o China None 1
759th MCS [2019/20] Barcelona None 1
760th Blitzkrieg UTM None 1
761st B@ngsiri B@ngsiri None 10
762nd 凌胖虎 USA None 1
763rd cunt none None 1
764th makuraneko A.G.U None 1
765th asdfasdf a None 1
766th thinksoso xidian university None 1
767th Ep3ius 1 None 1
768th angry.elf N/A None 1
769th MCS 2019-2020 BCN None 1
770th 116th Panzer-Grupp WindHund UTM None 4
771st BDER None 1
772nd Solitude Avenger null None 1
773rd aa TAMU None 1
774th Manzara's Magpies University of Calgary None 4
775th Koolaid Jammers UTM None 3
776th bangsiri b@ngsiri None 1
777th SealTeam1 None None 1
778th DISsecT@CTU CTU None 1
779th mmcats 2 None 1
780th 137squad utm None 3
781st ID.3p0 - None 1
782nd sujoh4ck tnh team None 1
783rd Yuh CSUSB None 1
784th pic0wn None None 1
785th JOUGOUJOUGOU - LEH -- None 1
786th 0xD34D Conodians None 1
787th changed none None 1
788th ME AND THE BOYS me, myself, and I None 1
789th r00t3d BR None 1
790th WWJD UofT None 2
791st OTIST OTIST None 1
792nd khuntor Sichuan None 1
793rd We none None 1
794th just fun noone None 1
795th uhmmmmm UTM None 1
796th x0rc3r3rs IIT Kharagpur None 1
797th Kardia RI None 1
798th CSociety è.é None 1
799th WizardL Wizard None 2
800th Rufyi utm None 1
801st CodSec Indian None 2
802nd BTeam BKAV None 1
803rd deletingthisone none None 1
804th OhhhShitCTF None 1
805th uhmmmmm(2) UTM None 1
806th sss sss None 1
807th lonewolf - None 1
808th Dark Sentencer US None 1
809th m0secRuleZ we are the good ones None 1
810th Magnum None None 2
811th Bit_Lords VIT University None 1
812th LifePwnPlus gg None 1
813th w01verines University of Michigan None 1
814th hackerghost india None 1
815th How To Name A Team? None None 1
816th its_aditude IIIT UNA None 1
817th We_Can_hack_AnyThinG IIIT DELHI None 1
818th bootplug - None 4
819th Dins SPbCTF None 2
820th HKLBGD Hacklab Belgrade None 1
821st Pelarian CP *ehe ITB None 1
822nd Un4ll0c4t3d Spain None 1
823rd VAPatriot ScubaSquad TJHSST None 1
824th PIS.D19 PTIT None 1
825th PhysX PhysX None 2
826th DespoWeb justF*ck The Site None 1
827th Geek_Army G33k None 1
828th Irad 1234 None 1
829th joechaoul hhh None 1
830th Hash Slinging Hackers Cal Poly None 1
831st Godfamily vanlan None 1
832nd BlueDarkNut Student None 1
833rd Idan Tyga None 1
834th localghost - None 4
835th Team Kaghi Kagi None 1
836th h4CKsUm0x0 sam None 1
837th tickle twister(Airline2 Airline High School None 1
838th Timtim Yes2 None 1
839th Big Oof and Yikes University of Agder None 1
840th TESTING123 NONE None 1
841st BawlSec Bawly None 1
842nd Tml None None 1
843rd qwerty 1DS16cd988 None 1
844th KAMSC Cyber Kalamazoo Area of Math and Science None 1
845th the_Rox 2 None 1
846th TeamRocketIst IST None 2
847th MasterBoot NotSurewhatThisMeans None 1
848th iphelix none None 1
849th Nefalems Tavricheskiy college None 2
850th 0xff0000 0xff0000 None 3
851st RecursionFairies UniTN None 1
852nd test123 test None 1
853rd nibs lol None 1
854th RUSEC Rutgers University - New Brunswick None 2
855th И3Bu1a LNMIIT None 2
856th tonys test None 1
857th fri3nds Freedom! None 1
858th ЪУЪ КТИ СибГУТИ None 1
859th corkplacemats University of South Wales None 3
860th epilogpi None None 1
861st Beta N/A None 1
862nd SkidSquad BreeIT None 3
863rd WE_0WN_Y0U TU Wien None 1
864th Riverside City College Riverside City College None 1
865th Null Bhopal Hackim Null Bhopal None 2
866th 주호승 none None 1
867th #9370DB STEM School Highlands Ranch None 5
868th Khakshoor NA None 1
869th SomethingWitty Stellenbosch University None 1
870th GhostHackers Self None 1
871st JEL asd None 1
872nd redpwn None None 6
873rd starkat None None 1
874th FrenchRoomba None None 1
875th testtes s None 1
876th samsin sa None 1
877th antrc idk None 1
878th Solidified no None 1
879th E4sy-r00t E4sy-r00t None 1
880th Nerds of Mayhem None None 1
881st hahahhe nid None 1
882nd CYberGoatz CYberGoatz None 1
883rd BlackSpades . None 1
884th SIGPwny UIUC None 7
885th NetON dedede None 1
886th 1 korea None 1
887th cr33pt0s Friends None 1
888th Yo P None 2
889th g0tiu5a Rabbit House None 1
890th Team_M mgl None 1
891st kingmingyu dsdfsf None 1
892nd #MongolianEmpire SICT None 2
893rd icebreak snow None 1
894th Falling Turner Fenton Secondary School None 1
895th Team Abakus India None 1
896th Solo Solo None 2
897th BIG YEET None None 1
898th excelsior none None 1
899th woousarang 123 None 1
900th BikeAndCrutch NYC None 1
901st Beynish Gush None 1
902nd avs __ None 1
903rd imAlone dunno None 1
904th abcxyzsml University of Information technology None 1
905th Nightmare Mechasheep N/A None 7
906th avocadian narupi None 1
907th Moskva SICT None 1
908th bengi n/a None 1
909th BackdoorCipher Graduate None 1
910th eject01 ONG None 1
911th Transformers Karnataka None 1
912th m1z0r3 Waseda Univ. None 1
913th HIS-Hack Högskolan i skövde None 1
914th CyberFalcons Tompkins High School None 1
915th Cryptonite Manipal Institute of Technology None 3
916th Eoin TUDublin - Blanchardstown None 1
917th gyorokpeter ??? None 1
918th Deadlock_Team Deadlock Team None 1
919th spiffycell independent None 1
920th PizzaInjection None None 1
921st Sssec Japan None 1
922nd mancity Sofia University None 1
923rd Twenty seconds ' Nottingham None 1
924th KKN Back To Isekai Desa Isekai None 2
925th WARMACHINELAB Warmachinelab None 1
926th PTIT.Years_of_Cat School None 1
927th Team chantier No None 1
928th Hashbang Hashbang None 2
929th Official 4N6Labs Official 4N6Labs None 2
930th snarious s None 1
931st junhwan AimHigh None 1
932nd historics affiliation None 1
933rd BITSkrieg BITS Goa None 2
934th rascaliz sejong univ None 1
935th G4BB4R Indian None 1
936th OKAS KAIST None 2
937th Aperi'Kube Aperi'Kube None 1
938th L4D2 s None 1
939th lafwd lafwd None 1
940th n3 LA None 1
941st Nightmare Online Students and friends None 1
942nd FuckUpASystem useless None 1
943rd MykeOwn Mine None 1
944th n0l3ptr Florida State University None 1
945th UTDCSG The University of Texas at Dallas None 2
946th c0d3_h4cki05_ Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Bengaluru Campus None 3
947th Hacking101 Collin College None 1
948th Parrot Party Unaffiliated None 1
949th BST National Taiwan University None 2
950th OMG aaa None 1
951st hayanhack personal None 1
952nd AlphaUnion RGUkt None 1
953rd Hus@r1@ PentesterTeam None 2
954th SHA-155 SHA-155 None 2
955th h3rb3r0s Stardust Crusaders None 1
956th zero Seoul None 1
957th die4beer die4beer None 1
958th H4ck3rMan UTD None 1
959th SAM CTF indonesia None 2
960th HTsP Student team None 9
961st zodiac GGsipu None 4
962nd Nobody ads None 1
963rd Vrforce Crypto None 1
964th hooloo National Institute of Technology Calicut None 1
965th Dc1ph3R None None 4
966th {Thé}tf 14m None 4
967th M4r5 123 None 1
968th Debugmen Debugmen None 1
969th PermissionDenied permission-denied None 3
970th cyber_ninja s None 1
971st Zoom Academy Zoom Academy None 1
972nd kerouac University of Warsaw None 1
973rd burner_herz0g berner_herz0g None 2
974th Uniwa None None 4
975th knock-knock IITR None 1
976th DrFuz Champlain College None 1
977th Ohav Students None 1
978th cyber@ucr University of California, Riverside None 1
979th R!talin-Sec anon None 1
980th SNITSquad SNITSquad None 3
981st root hindu None 1
982nd otaku bob8 None 1
983rd TeamOrigin University of Kelaniya None 1
984th Bit0Byte n/a None 1
985th physicube PLUS None 1
986th HTsP Junior Tudor Vianu National High School of Computer Science None 4
987th pwntera random None 1
988th Conquerer Coinbase None 1
989th underhill MSFT None 1
990th got_it 세명컴퓨터고등학교 None 1
991st HomeAlone None None 1
992nd powned lpooi None 1
993rd F n/a None 1
994th Omega n/a None 1
995th PwsecTeam Indiana None 1
996th Gnu-E-Ducks The Evergreen State College None 1
997th user user None 1
998th Scott Synopsys None 1
999th InfamousOverflow N/A None 1
1000th unknownYet ipu None 1
1001st sh4d0w58 . None 1
1002nd C4nc4n14rs C4nc4n14rs None 1
1003rd SquareCTF Square None 1
1004th Kibana e None 1
1005th Alpha Union Rajiv Gandhi University Of Knowledge Technologies - Nuzvid None 1
1006th matrix Vienna None 1
1007th c0d3 c0d3hub None 1
1008th Moorpark Impact Cybersecurity Club Moorpark College None 1
1009th jfjsdklfjsdk none None 1
1010th ret2trash Oregon State University None 1
1011th inAudis student None 1
1012th BOGGED ? None 1
1013th dasdsa dasd None 1
1014th SoloTurk George Mason University None 1
1015th 3rv4r11 India None 1
1016th notgood lhs None 1
1017th meteam 123 None 1
1018th SlovakPY Python None 1
1019th asd asd None 1
1020th RVG TEchnologies RVG None 1
1021st admintest admintest None 1
1022nd b4ckd00rW4Le UG None 1
1023rd Kubertu Kubertu Team None 2
1024th Order of the Grey Fang Vellore Institute of Technology None 2
1025th CerealKillers Hackrew None 1
1026th devils logo None 1
1027th GrayHats University of Washington - Bothell None 1
1028th SysSecTestTeam Syskron Security None 1
1029th CXC 东北大学 None 1
1030th init0 India None 1
1031st KILLERBYTE Saldus tehnikums None 1
1032nd L Distribution Poolesville HS and Wootton HS None 3
1033rd Leakerzzz leakerzzz None 1
1034th cxcc cxc None 1
1035th mazala #SAVE None 1
1036th Zedx None 1
1037th ScalleyWags Sharks Forever None 1
1038th CMC BYN None 1
1039th Sun*$hell None 1
1040th zaid iit None 1
1041st Br1ck1intheW@ll The internet None 1
1042nd CSHS Chang-Won None 1
1043rd l4mds3c l4mds3c None 1
1044th G R O W T H -- None 1
1045th $wag $wag None 1
1046th test1 1 None 1
1047th Joon N/A None 1
1048th Cyber Pandas Padua Academy None 4
1049th Fl4m3z Nothing None 1
1050th crackbyte 123456 None 1
1051st N16H7M4R3 University Of Passau None 1
1052nd lowprivshighhopes d None 1
1053rd init6 theofficialinitsix None 1
1054th K1SER HCM None 1
1055th RedDevils UGC None 1
1056th Newbie* as None 1
1057th Krew None None 1
1058th cr0nTab cr0nTab None 1
1059th Lao Hacker a None 1
1060th yurilover ng None 1
1061st Republic Friends None 3
1062nd BoredGuy TheNothingDynasty None 1
1063rd kernelpoppers Dakota State University None 1
1064th Red Tuxedo Tigard High School None 1
1065th Hard KnoXSS Knoxville None 1
1066th Users Royal Holloway UoL None 1
1067th REboot USMA None 1
1068th C4TCH_TH3_FL4G Universty of Information Technology None 1
1069th Cyber Kitties Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico None 1
1070th Harekaze None None 2
1071st SuperDog_XXX 123456 None 1
1072nd nooobs g None 1
1073rd 4to3 None None 1
1074th TMO Israel None 4
1075th Team Solo N/A None 1
1076th 34_4_11_11_14 Crimea None 1
1077th 1212wawe weqw None 1
1078th Foxy n None 1
1079th UP TO YOU PUCC Security Team None 1
1080th sec-army Indian CTF Players Team None 5
1081st hentai 11111 None 1
1082nd hitori Chiba None 1
1083rd White Hat World Wide Nobody None 1
1084th KipodAfterFree KipodAfterFree None 2
1085th kamiworld abc None 1
1086th yyyyyYYYYYs other None 1
1087th Pendekar212 - None 1
1088th ipv6 ZSTUCTF None 1
1089th markiyanch ADF None 1
1090th WPICSC WPI None 1
1091st tmpteam Fr None 1
1092nd hckyou Mexico None 1
1093rd Enigma None None 1
1094th Idleless None None 1
1095th Ch0p5tick Ch0p5tick None 1
1096th Phantom APIIT None 1
1097th nirazzz hello None 1
1098th Acc acc None 1
1099th Ch0p5t!ck CHINA None 1
1100th CompuSec AMU None 1
1101st 0xc0ffee - None 2
1102nd TeamNik na None 1
1103rd AoToI k1nm3n None 1
1104th ENOFLAG TU Berlin None 1
1105th TG:Hack - None 2
1106th 1 + 1 = 11 Group None 1
1107th invalid ctf None 1
1108th CyberWarriors(CHSEC) proud ind security researchers and ctf players None 1
1109th UiO-CTF University of Oslo None 2
1110th VirtualRaiders Students None 1
1111th hi1999 hi None