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jack2 has participated in 1 CTF and is rank 66 with 500 points

Former Teams
  • CSAW CTF Finals
  • 250 Points
  • REV

This code is a mess can you fix it?

  • CSAW CTF Finals
  • 150 Points
  • ETC

A lone figure appears at sundown. Are you a bad enough dude to accept his challenge? NOTE: This is not a resource exhaustion bug, pls be kind to our server - perhaps run it locally first.

  • CSAW CTF Finals
  • 100 Points
  • V35

PwnAdventure Sourcery is here! Chrome is HIGHLY recommended. All challenges are intended to be solved in-game. <a href="https://sourcery.pwnadventure.com"/>https://sourcery.pwnadventure.com</a> Hotkeys: `WASD` : Navigate `<Space>` : Use Item/Select `E`/`Return`: Interact `I`/`<Tab>` : Inventory `<Escape>` : Pause/Menu/Cancel (Editor) `E` : Edit `N` : New `<Backspace>` Delete

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