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Know Your Click (KYC) is a yearly event focused on informing students about the latest trends in cybersecurity. For its first season, the discussion revolves around the evolution of cybersecurity in tandem with the Web3.0 revolution. Topics of discussion include blockchain security, Web3 penetration testing, Phishing and associated attacks as well as evolution of cybersecurity law. Every season of KYC comes with an exciting and extensive 48 hour long Capture the Flag (CTF) designed for beginners as well as veterans. Every team faces 41 challenges laid before them with varying levels of difficulty deployed by our team periodically over the course of 2 days. In the spirit of keeping the CTF beginner friendly and growing the CTF community by encouraging participation, (since we noticed that most people new to CTF events fail to complete them thereby losing motivation,) we will be hosting CTF101 sessions teaching participants how to play a CTF with fundamentals, tips and tricks to ease them into this domain.

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