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The competition is over!

DaVinciCTF is a jeopardy-style CTF competition held by DaVinciCode, the french academic team of the École supérieure d'ingénieurs Léonard-de-Vinci (ESILV). SCHEDULE: The event will take place from the 11/03/2023 10AM to 12/03/2023 10PM (UTC), lasting 36 hours. (THESE ARE THE REAL START AND END TIME: The start and end time have both been postponed 2 hours to allow more time to the on-site conferences). The team size is 4. Stay updated by joining the discord: NEW! This CTF will take place in *both* on-site and online. -> On-site will take place only on the 11th (from 8am to 9pm CET) at 47 Bd de Pesaro, 92000 Nanterre. -> It will include professional conferences and catering. -> It is not exclusive for French teams, however conferences will be in French. If you are interested in participating on-site, please fill out this form: Deadline for on-site registration is the 26/02. In a care for equity, the on-site CTF won't tamper on the online CTF, the on-site CTF challenges will be worth 0 points on the plateform and the on-site score will be calculated by the admins (by adding current online score and on-site challenge values) at the end of the on-site event. On-site teams will not have any advantages that online teams would not have. Therefore, on-site teams may also win online prizes. SPONSORS: - Login Sécurité - Synacktiv - Synetis - Dipôle Security - More to come! Have fun!

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