Rooters CTF

Hosted by Abs0lut3Pwn4g3 Website:
Duration: 2 days, 0:00:00
The competition is over!

InfoXpression 2019, The Technical Fest of USICT, GGSIPU, New Delhi, presents you with Rooters CTF (in Collaboration with Abs0lut3Pwn4g3) RCTF will be a worldwide Free-for-all competition dedicated to InfoSec and CyberSec Community. It will be a Jeopardy type capture the flag competition, held online where you will be presented with questions related to Cryptography, Web Hacking, Forensics, Reverse, Steganography and other various fields of cyber and information security. So, are you a one or a zero? It’ll be a Beginner-Intermediate Level CTF. The event will run from 12:00 PM 10th october - 12:00PM 12th october. 48 hours. (IST). Discord Server:

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