TG:HACK 2020

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Duration: 3 days, 0:00:00
The competition is over!

TG:HACK is an onsite jeopardy style CTF with an online highscore list uploaded to CTFtime. The CTF is hosted every year at Norway's largest LAN party The Gathering, which takes place at the Viking ship in Hamar. We focus on making guiding tasks for beginners, and challenging tasks for more experienced CTFers. We have a pre-contest for beginners, starting in February. The main competition starts 8th of April, 18.00 (CET), and ends 11th of April 18.00. After the main competition has ended, we open all tasks publicly for learning purposes. The site will be up until January 1st 2021. Writeups will be published at after the competition has ended.

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